Everything is changing.


Everything is changing.


That is the only truth in the world.

That is a core value of Buddhism.

Christian swear a forever love at their wedding.

That’s because  they know that there is no forever love without an effort.

If we can get a forever love easily,we don’t need to promise.


As everything is changing,so I  keep doing training.

If everything is not changing,training is meaningless.


As that word is true,I restart to study English.

I will change in 2022.

I am looking forward to seeing a new me in the last of this year.

I have the possibility to be super macho,a fluent English speaker and a super rich man.


Of course.Vice versa.

So I will try hard to focus on my goal.


It is the most important thing not to lose my goal.

and second to enjoy the process towards the goal.

If I can do it,everything will change according to my plan