Effective training


Power=weight ×acceleration

An object will be lighter when you lift it accelerated.

A weight of 100kg barbell changes the weight depending on the acceleration.

Powerlifting is a work that men make heavyweight lighter.

Bodybuilding is a work that men make a lightweight heavier.


It is one of the most important that you kill an acceleration when  you lift a weight.

That means  “slow lift”.

I instruct slow lift in my gym.

Some guy wants to lift impossible heavy weight.

They long for lifting such heavy weight.

Heavyweight training is another course that LB Gym offers to customers.

Even lightweight training makes our muscles improve.


However, the process of going through lightweight training is quite difficult.


So, the LB Gym technique for this kind of training was great!

Do you have any experience of training with acceleration?

LB Gym is here to help you to have a good stimulation of your muscles.